All-you-can-eat lobster,
gourmet menu, relaxed atmosphere…

Osco! celebrates lobster season in a beautiful way to the delight of all its fans! For one night only, our guests will be able to gather to taste and discover dishes skilfully prepared by our chef in a festive and friendly setting. The event will take place on Friday, June 2, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., at a cost of $180 per person. As this is a one time only event, we strongly recommend that our guests reserve their table.

The highlight of the evening will of course be the lobster. Prepared in many different ways, this will be an opportunity to generously appreciate the cold crustacean in a guédille, tartine, verrine and seafood platter, or served hot in a bisque, grill, land and sea and poutine. As an accompaniment, the chef will have concocted a fougasse, an old-fashioned mustard, butter, a cocktail sauce and an assortment of bakery bread. And since lobster goes wonderfully well with wine and sparkling wine, our sommelier will offer his selection of pairings. A variety of mini desserts from Farine et Cacao will complete this hearty meal. Finally, a live jazz musician will be on hand to add a touch of entertainment to the evening.

In order to tantalize your taste buds and make your mouth water, the gastronomic menu of “Lobster Madness” is detailed as follows.

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The lobster of Gaspésie

Renowned to be
one of the best lobsters in the world

The lobster of Gaspésie is renowned to be one of the best lobsters in the world because of its delicious taste, its delicate flesh and its exceptional quality. It is very well appreciated by chefs and seafood lovers everywhere. The cold waters of this region provide an ideal environment for its growth and development, and give it a distinct, slightly sweet flavor rich with marine aromas. The Gaspé lobster is recognized by its large size and its strong, fleshy claws. It is often prepared in a simple way to highlight its natural taste, but it can also be used in more elaborate dishes such as the one we will propose on June 2.


Note that:

The “Lobster Madness” evening is open to all. Children are welcome and can enjoy the buffet for $90 (*price for children 14 years and under). Otherwise, the regular children’s menu will also be available.

For transportation and travel, the hotel is directly linked to the underground city and the Square Victoria and Place-d’Armes metro stations. Parking is also available, with or without on-site valet parking.
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