Massage Therapy

Located on the 10th floor, adjacent to the Health Center, the massage therapy facility can accommodate two individual clients at a time. Choose the treatment that most appeals to you and our professional and certified massage therapists will take you out of your daily routine for a relaxing session. An insurance receipt is also given after the treatment.

*Please note that massage therapy treatments are available by reservation only. In order to guarantee your massage, it is necessary to reserve 48 hours in advance.

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Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a dynamic, full-body massage technique designed to release tension and strengthen muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect promotes blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, and helps to restore natural balance. Ideal for athletes to relax the muscle chain, Swedish massage is also beneficial for people suffering from back pain. The Swedish massage is performed with classic natural oil.

60 minutes : $115
90 minutes: $155

Hot Stones Massage

This massage method was developed for its thermal and energetic properties. Heated and maintained at a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Celsius, the volcanic basalt stones are used as a massage tool to relax muscles and tensions in depth, in addition to activating blood circulation. This massage also provides a meditative state of calm and tranquility.

90 minutes : $195

Access Bars energizing treatment

The Access Bars energizing treatment is a method that consists of gently pressing on 32 specific points located on the skull. The stimulation of these pressure points allows the release of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and emotions accumulated over time. This is your chance to let go of everything!

60 minutes : $115

Gua-Sha Face Mask Treatment

A very common practice in China, the Gua-Sha facial massage offers a firming and anti-aging effect. It is performed with rose quartz Gua-Sha that promote drainage and blood circulation in the face. As each specific point on the face is associated with an organ, your entire body benefits from this massage. In addition to its beneficial properties for the epidermis, Gua-Sha brings a real moment of relaxation. Practiced regularly, the effects are increasingly long-lasting.

60 minutes : $115