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The 27th Level

A feast for inquisitive minds and adventurous souls

Discover the 27th Level. A mysterious place for our most loyal customers. Celebrating the enchanting side of the Intercontinental Montréal, the 27th Level entices the senses with an array of exclusive events and dishes. Sip wine and chat with our Maitre D’ during a private tasting, a personalized opportunity to appreciate the dynamic selection offered at Osco! Take your palette on holiday to Provence with Chef Matthieu Saunier’s evolving 27th Level menu, each bite an adventure in texture and flavor in the essence of French cuisine.

When you step into Sarah B. Bar, you’ll be charmed by specialized cocktails and absinthe toasts, enchanted by mixers both casual and chic in the seductive green velvet booths. As ice water drips delicately down a sugar cube, you’ll feel the thrill of a ritual deeply rooted in French culture.

No doubt that the Salon Rotonde and the Nordheimer Conference Center respectively serve as gorgeous, accommodating meeting spaces; if you find yourself connecting here, you too will be delighted by the advantages of the 27th Level through exclusively catered meetings.

Designed with the passions of our local patrons in mind, the 27th Level blends the classic elegance of Montréal’s rich history with a modern twist of novelty. We hope you will join us in pursuing the very best of our fine city, here at the InterContinental Montréal.

Member Benefits

During your visit at Osco! restaurant, Sarah B. Bar, or the Nordheimer Conference Centre
enjoy the unique benefits of the 27th Level.

Exclusive Events

Join us on the 27th Level for a variety of private parties. Put on your finest attire for a masked ball, meet other members of our community through a mixer in Sarah B. Bar’s plush Green Fairy Alcoves over a perfect glass of absinthe, or attend a risotto cooking class in La Bastide.

Exceptional Rewards

27th Level members will be treated to Chef Matthieu Saunier’s evolving menu at Osco!, dining on culinary delights handcrafted for our guests exclusively. Speciality cocktails at Sarah B. Bar and private wine tastings are yet another highlight.

Unparalleled Perks

In addition to a 5% discount during each visit to Osco! or Sarah B. Bar., members of our community will be treated to custom cocktails, hand crafted appetizers, and select menu items.

Using your points

How do I accrue program points?

The options are limitless. Obtain points while indulging in culinary delights at Osco!, or lounging in one of our Sarah B. Green Fairy alcoves over carefully crafted absinthe. Savor a few relaxing hours in our spa with a massage and a steam. Satisfy home-cooked breakfast cravings at La Bastide, our down-to-earth chef’s corner.

Ten points are accrued for every dollar you spend at Sarah B. Bar or Osco! Simply notify your server of your member id to accrue points from a purchase. When certain thresholds in points are reached, you become eligible for new rewards. Some rewards are redeemed with points, while others such as percentage discounts every time you dine, are ongoing and do not require the usage of points.

Where can I spend my points?

By far the most enticing aspect of the 27th Level is uncovering the endless opportunities to experience contemporary Montreal with the timelessness of Provence. Be it a custom menu designed by our chef, Matthieu Saunier, or a private, sommelier-led wine tasting event at Osco!, the seductiveness of an exclusive midnight-absinthe toast at Sarah B., or an invitation to a formal, members-only bash, there is no doubt you will appease the senses in a bold, neoteric style. Like its members, The 27th Level experience is eclectic and ever-changing.

How do I receive special invite notifications?

Look for personal invitations delivered both to your home and to your inbox. Accumulating points results in exclusive requests to formal events, such as the Winter Solstice Ball, as well as casual occasions - wine tastings, a select appetizer menu, and personal interaction with our chef, Matthieu Saunier of Osco! Restaurant.