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InterContinental Montreal

Meeting Rooms

Descriptions Room Specs

Nineteen Meeting Rooms :

25,163.3ft² / 2,337.75m² of Meeting Space

Largest Room Capacity :

1,000 Reception Style

Largest Room Measurements :

300ft / 91.44m x 27ft / 8.23m
(ceiling height = 9,999ft / 3,047.7m)

Smallest Room Capacity :

10 Boardroom Style

Smallest Room Measurements :

21ft / 6.4m x 14ft / 4.27m
(ceiling height = 11.6ft / 3.54m)

Saint-Antoine and Saint-Helene

With large windows, these conference rooms are ideal for board meetings. Equipped with a conference table and comfortable leather chairs they can accommodate ten people. It is also possible to use these rooms for a working lunch.

Bright and comfortable, these rooms offer an ideal setting for an elegant and small meeting!

Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Saint-Louis

These rooms are ideal for a more relaxed atmosphere and plenty of natural lighting from their magnificent windows. Your meetings will benefit from this luminescence. They are also suitable for lunch or a cocktail. Newly renovated, boasting large plasma screens, they offer comfort, while ensuring an immediate well-being.

Bright and modern, these rooms will meet your expectations!


This unique and modern oval room is surrounded by interior windows. It has a natural light through skylights in which it is located. It is mainly used for meetings and cocktails. Attractive and unique, this room, as all those located in the Nordheimer conference center, is provided with a touch screen allowing full control of ventilation, background sound, brightness and temperature.

Unique and attractive, the Saint-Alexandre is ideal for meetings or cocktails!

(up to 40 people depending on configuration)


Often reserved with the Saint-François-Xavier as they share a private entrance. It is ideal for meetings and lunches or as a lounge. This versatile room can be used for coffee breaks and lunch buffets. Brightly lit and pleasant, Saint-François-Xavier is ideal for meetings and offers a privileged space. Newly renovated, it combines comfort and modernity to optimize the well-being of our guests.

Stylish and modern, the Saint-Paul is ideal for all types of meetings!

Art Gallery

A unique venue between the modern part of the hotel and the neo-Victorian building the Nordheimer conference center, the Art Gallery is a distinct and intimate space, with easy access for hosting different types of events. Appreciated for its practical and cozy setting, this attractive room is in the heart of the building with art and history that will intrigue and delight your guests.

Welcoming and attractive, the Art Gallery is perfect for a business lunch or a delicious cocktail! (up to 60 people, depending on configuration)


This room is the same style, but smaller and often combined with the Vieux Montreal. This is the perfect place for business lunches, small meetings and cocktails. With its huge windows and contemporary look, this room blends modern style while retaining its essence. It will charm you for sure!

Luxurious and a contemporary room the Vieux-Port is ideal for a meeting or combined with the Vieux-Montreal, to optimize space! (up to 60 people, depending on configuration)

Saint-Pierre and Saint-Gabriel

These brightly lit rooms are versatile and have beautiful bay windows. Just renovated, they are perfect for meetings, receptions, breakfasts, lunches or dinners. Classy and refined, these welcoming rooms will meet your expectations and provide a quiet and charming environment for your meeting.


Often reserved together with the Saint-Paul, this room shares a private entrance. It is ideal for meetings and lunches or as a lounge. Its versatile entrance can be used for coffee breaks and lunch buffets. This room, like all those who are in the Nordheimer conference center is provided with a touch screen allowing full control of ventilation, the background sound, brightness and temperature. Luminous and pleasant, this room is ideal for meetings and offers a privileged space. Newly renovated, it combines comfort and modernity to optimize the well-being of its guests.

Stylish and modern, the room Saint-Francois Xavier is ideal for all types of meetings!

(Up to 60 people depending on the configuration)


This room is especially suitable for meetings. Its symmetrical shape allows various set-ups. It is adjacent to the main entrance of the hotel, which facilitates access. Its large hall is perfect for coffee breaks and lunch buffets. Quiet and cozy, this room offers an interesting space, conducive to business meetings.

Peaceful and spacious, the Saint-Laurent offers a cozy and intimate setting for your meetings!


This spacious room is equipped with three large windows overlooking Old Montreal and the magnificent Royal Bank building. Connected to the Vieux-Port and located in the Nordheimer, the historic building of the hotel, it is the perfect place to hold your dinner, your cocktails or parties. Dazzling and modern, the Vieux-Montréal is a serene and an inviting space, which provides a perfect working environment, but is also a distinguished room for festive receptions.

The Vieux-Montréal is ideal for an elegant reception or a business meeting and can be combined with the Vieux-Port to accommodate a larger number of guests.


The spacious entrance area of the Saint-Jacques is perfect for coffee breaks during meetings held in this spacious hall. Whether you prefer a theater or a classroom style setup, the Saint-Jacques fits most configurations. Bright and luxurious, this room shows the perfect blend of good taste and elegance in a unique setting. The smooth draperies and sleek designed chandeliers create an atmosphere worthy of a 19th century English private club. Its recent renovations allows for a technological comfort to meet your highest expectations. In this room, the thick carpeting, lightly toned wallpaper and contemporary furnishings illustrates the harmony between the rich historical heritage and the freshness of the contemporary design.

Stylish and bright the Saint-Jacques is the ideal place for a friendly and memorable encounter!

Sarah Bernhardt

With a classic style and a unique elegance, this room envelops you with its stylish woodwork as well as its warm and luxurious colors. The Sarah Bernhardt ballroom is the ideal choice for a medium sized banquet or any other style of meeting. This room also gives you access to the luxurious atrium of the third floor, where a magnificent crystal chandelier hangs. Newly renovated, you will enjoy a comfortable space while being in control of your environment.

Attractive and bright, this room offers a privileged space for high-end receptions!


This stylish and generous sized room is perfect for a party or an elegant dinner. The prestigious decoration is reflected in the mirrors covering the three central columns. The spacious lobby is ideal for a welcome cocktail before dinner. Refined, it is located at street level and offers easy and quick access. Elegant and functional, it will allow you to host your guests in a quiet and friendly place.

Welcoming and refined, the Maisonneuve room is the perfect place for an outstanding reception!

The Ruelle des Fortifications

The Ruelle de Fortifications is an exceptional setting in which to host your events. Awash in natural light cascading down from the glass ceiling, this welcoming atrium exudes charm and elegance. The Ruelle des Fortification can accommodate various configurations to create the perfect venue and an unforgettable evening for your guests. Exclusive caterer of this venue, our Executive Chef, Matthieu Saunier, will be happy to create a personalized menu for your event.

Unusual and exceptional, the Ruelle des Fortifications is the ideal setting for out of the ordinary events!

La Cave, Les Voûtes and Les Huîtres

The Nordheimer historic building houses the majority of our meeting rooms. Hidden in its foundation are three magnificent stone vaults dating from the mid-18th century. These perfectly restored vaults are the ideal place to hold receptions and private functions.

The murals of La Cave make the room spectacular. Initially designed as a wine bar, it is now used for small receptions and gourmet dinners.

Les Voûtes, the most spacious of the three rooms, is suitable for lunches and dinners. It is also used for wedding ceremonies followed by a reception in the Nordheimer building or in La Ruelle des Fortifications.

Les Huîtres is a perfect space for a small reception or, as the name suggests, for an oyster tasting.

Nordheimer building

Echoing a timeless elegance, the Nordheimer is a building steeped in history. In 1856, the Nordheimer brothers opened up a music shop and amphitheatre on this site. Following the building’s unfortunate destruction by fire in 1886, the building is rebuild by the Nordheimer brothers and architect John James Browne. Towards the end of the 1980s, this fragment of Montreal history was integrated into the Centre de Commerce Mondial and the InterContinental Montreal.